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A Reliable Family Law Attorney for Family Cases in Baltimore, MD

Since its establishment in 1987, Fast Divorce Lawyer has helped a lot of families in their legal battles for child custody, visitation rights, child support, marriage dissolution, property division, spousal support, and division of marital debts. Our long-serving family law attorney in Baltimore, MD, Richard J. Hackerman, has expertise in handling both complex and straightforward cases related to family law. He understands that family-related issues are a touchy subject that requires the assistance of a lawyer who is not only well-versed in family law but also has remarkable interpersonal skills to moderate an emotional and tense situation.

Practice Areas:

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Parents want nothing but the best for their children. So when couples get a divorce, annulment, or separation, it’s only natural that issues of custody over their kids become front and center. But what parents subconsciously overlook is the negative impact of these events on their children. Our firm’s child custody attorney based in Baltimore, MD ensures that the effect of these proceedings on your child is minimized while making sure that you are presented to the court in a good light.

Child Support

Parents, whether they are married or not, have the obligation to provide financial and emotional support that their child needs. In situations where parents don’t live together, child support may be set up to guarantee that these needs are met. However, filing a child support petition, and requesting a child support order are complex matters that involve numerous steps. A family lawyer can guide you in planning and outlining the necessary child support forms used to calculate child support. By determining the variables that the court will take into consideration, he can help you construct a fair child support agreement that is compliant with the law.

 Marriage Dissolution

There are a great deal of things to consider in a divorce case like the residency requirements, and grounds for divorce to name a few. A divorce lawyer who knows the complexities of the state’s legal requirements for divorce is your top choice to succeed in filing your case.

 Division of Property and Marital Debts

If you are filing a divorce in Maryland, it’s important to know that Maryland is an equitable distribution state. Why? It’s because one of the issues that must be tackled when getting a divorce is the division of properties and debts. In Maryland, marital property and debts may not exactly be divided using a 50/50 split, rather, it is divided in a way that judges deem to be fair for both parties.

A Baltimore attorney who is very adept in Maryland’s family law will explain to you all the steps and factors involved in this and will work to protect your property rights.

Spousal Support

There are three types of alimony in Maryland: alimony pendente lite, rehabilitative, or permanent. Alimony pendente lite (APL) is support that is provided while the divorce is not yet finalized. Being awarded with APL does not warrant that you will continue receiving alimony after the divorce. Rehabilitative Spousal Support provides short-term resources to a spouse allowing them to get back on their feet. Permanent or indefinite spousal support, on the other hand, has no specific time duration, and may even continue until the death of the party receiving alimony. However, this type of alimony is rarely granted.

To help you assess your spousal support situation or other family legal case, you can contact us at 240-609-9000 or 855-406-0000 and schedule a legal consultation with a trusted family law attorney in Baltimore, MD.