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The Pros and Cons of Joint Custody

After a divorce, the matter of child custody arises. It means having them live with whichever parent and having that particular parent decide on important matters about the kids. On the other hand, joint custody implies the exes share decision-making rights regarding the children. For a greater understanding of the six basic custody situations, you […]


Know Your Rights When Your Spouse Commits Adultery

Infidelity is not just done by men, but by women as well. Although cheating is easier to deal with in unmarried couples, it doesn’t go the same with those who are married especially if divorce is included. You‘re most probably thinking, “what are my rights if my spouse commits adultery?” lucky for you, this is […]


Why are Divorce Attorneys Essential

“Happily ever after” is not something that universally happens in relationships. Fairy tales have them, yes. In reality, you can count on things being different. Most marital bonds have a shelf life and once the expiration date has been reached, outside help will be needed to sort things out. Talking things over personally and civilly […]


How Divorce Affects Children

Different children respond to divorce in diverse ways. The majority fare better once removed from a turbulent environment. Some do not cope well though, and we will cite situations to elaborate on them as we go along. Finally, there are those kids who are unaffected. There is no comprehensive set of examples that can fully […]


Grounds for Limited Divorce in Maryland

There are two types of divorce that you can file for in Maryland: absolute divorce and limited divorce. There’s no such thing as legal separation unlike in other states. In an absolute divorce, the marriage permanently ends which allows for remarriage, and any property claims are also terminated. But if you and your spouse are […]


How Social Media Factors into Divorce Cases

Photo by: Social media started out as a fun way to connect with loved ones all over the world and to simply share thoughts and activities with social friends. But just as it brings many positives to its users, its negative effects also come out in a variety of ways. One of which is […]


‌What are the Residency Requirements for Divorce in Maryland?

Photo by: The process of filing for divorce can get complicated depending on each couple’s situation. However, what you should know before even attempting to file are the essentials you need for your petition to go through. That is when a divorce lawyer comes in handy whether you’re in Baltimore, MD or anywhere else. […]


Is It Time to Get a Divorce? – Signs Your Marriage Might be Over

Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope trying to salvage what already feels like a loveless relationship? If that’s the case, then now might be the  time to call a divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD. You may have been in denial for months, even years, but the weight of a relationship […]


What are the Stages of Divorce?

You might not know it at first, but something as life-changing as divorce has stages that couples go through. Similar to the stages of grief, couples going through divorce will also experience five stages of varying degrees. And although both parties undergo these stages, not all of them experience both at the same time and […]