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How Divorce Affects Children

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Different children respond to divorce in diverse ways. The majority fare better once removed from a turbulent environment. Some do not cope well though, and we will cite situations to elaborate on them as we go along. Finally, there are those kids who are unaffected. There is no comprehensive set of examples that can fully enlighten us on this subject. It will depend upon a host of variables. Consult with a divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD to get a better understanding of this situation.

One 19-year-old daughter even said, “My parents never got a divorce, but I always wish they had. When child services got involved and our family and their friends encouraged them to end it, they still held on. Wish my parents just ended it back when we were little. Despite all their assurances that they loved us, those never-ending arguments made us feel like we were nothing more than insignificant spectators in the scheme of things.”

Signs To Watch Out For

For most children, there are short-term impacts in the wake of their parent’s parting ways.

1) A Drop in Academic Performance and Indifference to Social Activity – The interest in education and parties becomes harder to maintain as a drastic change at home has occurred.

2) Sensitivity, Irritability, and Anger – This is a cocktail of emotions common to children afflicted with an overwhelming sense of loss. They react with unpredictability at times.

3) Destructive Habits – Smoking, drinking, and drug use to a more serious level are more likely to happen in children whose parents undergo a divorce.

4) Loss of Trust in the Family Unit – Research indicates that this cynicism may prove to last well into adulthood and may affect their own families as well. Divorce happens two to three times higher in children from broken homes.

Other effects are lower self-esteem, the perception of their standard of living decreases, and the quality of contact with their parents also lessens. To decrease the possibility of these outcomes, sit down with a family lawyer in Baltimore MD. He or she would know what to do.

Help Children Endure the Challenge

Children do sometimes feel responsible for the divorce of their parents, and they must be constantly reminded that this is not so. It may take a while for them to accept it, and parents should keep at it. It would help to promise them that things will get better, no matter how hopeless they might seem now. What these children need to hear the most is that their parents will remain interested and involved in their lives.

Aside from getting expert advice on things like property division, what to avoid when filing for divorce, being guided through the law on divorce, choosing the right lawyer, and knowing how long it takes for the process to be finalized, focus on the kids. Keep them on the front burner by consulting with a good legal counsel who will soften the effects of the divorce on the children.

A Divorce Lawyer in Baltimore MD
A divorce proceeding can be complicated, and it helps if somebody who knows the ins and outs of the divorce law is the one taking care of business. The one filing for divorce needs to have matters involving the children (their custody, visitation & support), the partition of property and debts, and the alimony ironed out.

For expert advice and assistance, contact Atty. Richard J. Hackerman of Fast Divorce Lawyer. It will help if he is on your side to diffuse emotionally-charged issues. He can guide you through it all.

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