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How Long Does it Take to File for Divorce in Maryland?

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Do you live in Maryland and are you planning to file for divorce? If the answer is yes, then you may be wondering how long it takes to obtain divorce.The length of time depends on varying factors and grounds such as adultery, that do not require a “waiting period.”  However, if your case requires the need for a thorough process and it needs to be fast, hire a good divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD to help you with the proper measures that can be taken to make the  process faster.

So, how long does it take to file for divorce in Maryland? Well, that depends on  the following:

Grounds for Divorce

Divorce has two types of grounds which are fault and no-fault. A divorce with “no-fault” grounds is described as any divorce where the initiating spouse does not have to prove that the partner did something wrong. It is enough to state that incompatibility or irreconcilable differences is the reason. Originally, divorce under no-fault grounds requires a waiting period of 12 months wherein both parties should be completely separated, however, Maryland now has the “Mutual Consent Law” which eliminates the 12-month separation requirement, allowing couples to immediately file for divorce. If your spouse is a resident of Maryland, you can dissolve your marriage faster and easier under this law.

Divorce with fault grounds includes adultery, desertion, cruelty, insanity or conviction of crime which means that if the initiating spouse has proof of their spouse committing any of the following under fault grounds, then they can immediately file for divorce. 

Contested and Uncontested

Divorces in Maryland are either “contested” or “uncontested”. Uncontested divorce means that both parties are in agreement and have worked out all the issues while contested divorce means the initiating party wants to get started on the process and discuss issues such as child support. If your case is uncontested, then the divorce process will be completed within two to three months. On the other hand, if your case is contested, then it may well take up to 18 months and if no appeal is made, your divorce will be made final thirty days after the judge signs the final decree. 

A contested divorce does not only take longer to finalize, but it also costs a lot more. It is stressful, time-consuming, and you will need a lot of legal assistance regarding presenting evidence and settling issues related to children and marital property. But, regardless of the speed and length of the divorce process, you will ultimately need an experienced divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD.

Marital Settlement Agreement

Signing a Marital Settlement Agreement defines the terms  regarding custody, alimony, marital property, and other significant marital issues. Once all of the relevant issues are resolved by their agreement, they can proceed with filing an uncontested divorce with no waiting period required. This option is quick, taking less than 90 days and is less costly.
These legal processes require the help of a great negotiator and fearless litigator like Atty. Richard J Hackerman, a trusted divorce and family lawyer in Baltimore, MD. If you need help going through such circumstances, consult with us at Fast Divorce Lawyer.

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