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Is It Time to Get a Divorce? – Signs Your Marriage Might be Over

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Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope trying to salvage what already feels like a loveless relationship? If that’s the case, then now might be the  time to call a divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD. You may have been in denial for months, even years, but the weight of a relationship that no longer makes you happy will eventually become too heavy for you to carry. 

Choosing to get divorced is a decision that is never easy to make. Some may even choose to ignore red flags that signal serious issues in a marriage. However, not everyone will notice these signs. To help make things clearer for you, here are some signs that it may be time to call a divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD, and end a marriage that’s evidently on the rocks. 

You Just Don’t Argue Anymore

A relationship isn’t meant to be all sunshine and rainbows. If that’s the case, then a relationship would never grow. Couples are meant to argue because that is how issues get resolved. If your marriage is already filled with long silences and avoidance or you just can’t be bothered anymore, then it means something is already missing.

Self-Doubt is Creeping in

Is your partner no longer prioritizing you? Do you feel left out or unimportant all the time? If the answer is yes, then you might already be feeling self-doubts. Self-doubt is normal from time to time. But if it has become a normal routine in your married life and your spouse is among the major contributors, that is no longer a healthy relationship. If  your partner makes you feel like everything is your fault and is unwilling to compromise, then it could be a sign that it’s time to end your relationship.


It goes without saying that infidelity is the main reason couples opt for divorce. Once one of the of the parties involved choose to be unfaithful, the broken trust can be extremely difficult to restore.

Counseling isn’t Working

Have you tried counseling but nothing good came out of it? Then this is a sign that one or both parties aren’t interested in fixing the relationship anymore.  For counseling to work, both parties should be invested in the relationship. If not, then nothing will work no matter how hard you try to save the relationship.

You No Longer Support or Listen to Each Other

Proper communication plays a huge role in order to have a healthy relationship. If you or your spouse doesn’t even bother communicating anymore, then it shows that you no longer value each other’s feelings and thoughts. In most cases, this can even lead to infidelity.

A healthy marriage needs a lot of teamwork for it to last. From parenting to supporting each other to running the household, it takes two loving people to make sure your home functions like a well-oiled machine. If everything is getting rusty and on its way to disrepair, then maybe it’s time to start fresh. Start acknowledging the signs and don’t cling to a relationship that only causes misery.

If you need a family or divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD, call Attorney Richard J. Hackerman and to help with your case.

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