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What to Know About Divorce

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Divorce can be a tricky and difficult process to deal with, especially since you are affected by a lot of emotions that can negatively influence and muddle your decisions. That’s why it’s important to hire a reliable divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD to make sure that your case is handled by a professional who is level-headed and has your best interests in mind. Still, if you are considering divorce, it would be better to know more about it so you know exactly what you’re getting into and what to prepare for. 

So, we’ve put together a list of what you need to know about divorce. Continue reading below and find out more.

First and foremost, make sure you actually meet your state’s residency requirements before filing your petition for divorce. If the requirements are not met, you won’t even be able to begin the divorce process. In Maryland, you can file for fast divorce if you or your spouse have lived in Maryland for more than 6 months.

Second, determine your grounds for divorce. These are the legal reasons for your request to end your marriage. There are two types of divorce grounds which are fault-based and no-fault. For fault-based grounds, you are required to prove to the court that your spouse did something wrong which, in turn, caused the divorce. Typical fault-based grounds are adultery, desertion, and abuse (mental or physical). No-fault grounds are primarily based on “irreconcilable differences”. This just means that you and your spouse can no longer get along and you have no chances for reconciliation.

Why is this important?

Although no-fault grounds are more beneficial for a faster and more peaceful divorce process, fault grounds should be considered when alimony or division of marital property is involved. Nevertheless, always consult your divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD on which avenue is the best for your case.

Third, think about custody and visitation rights. This is often a difficult part of the divorce process but keep in mind that custody isn’t really the all-or-nothing proposition that many people seem to think. For this issue, the law requires judges to consider the best interests of the child/children. As much as possible, this usually means that both parents are actively involved in the child’s life. But if your grounds for divorce are fault-based and the grounds are harmful to the children, this will also be taken into account by the court.

Fourth, no one “wins” in a divorce case. Even if your case actually wins, there is no true winner in a divorce if you consider the various issues involved such as child custody, division of property, and alimony. More often than not, divorcing spouses rarely end up with everything they want. So instead of focusing on trying to win it all, consider the consequences of a full-blown court battle before ultimately deciding on getting a divorce. Not only will you be spending a lot of money, but your children may suffer the most in the process.

But if you do decide to get a divorce, make sure to get the help of a trusted and well-known divorce and family lawyer in Baltimore, MD like Attorney Richard Hackerman. With his help, your case will go a lot faster and your children will be shielded as much as possible from the effects of your divorce. Know more about him here.

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