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Why are Divorce Attorneys Essential

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“Happily ever after” is not something that universally happens in relationships. Fairy tales have them, yes. In reality, you can count on things being different. Most marital bonds have a shelf life and once the expiration date has been reached, outside help will be needed to sort things out. Talking things over personally and civilly on who gets what and how the kids or things will be shared might already be an impossibility at that point. As such, a divorce lawyer in Baltimore, MD would be needed to represent each party effectively.

Get Real!

Here are five fast facts on divorce: 1) Over 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce; 2) More than 60 percent of second marriages fall apart; 3) Almost 3 quarters of third marriages suffer the same fate; 4) That runs to a sad total of 50% of them ending in separation; and, lastly, 5) One will need a good attorney to make sure a spouse doesn’t get screwed over by the soon-to-be-ex in the legal process of terminating a relationship.

A divorce lawyer in Baltimore MD can give the client much-needed assistance in the speedy dissolution of your union with special attention to the custody of children or visitation rights, child support, property division, sharing of debts, and spousal support. Receiving the right advice on what the right thing to do should be considered a good investment, especially when it concerns a life-changing course of action such as divorce. You can’t look at hiring a divorce lawyer as an unnecessary expense.

The Whys & Wherefores 

• You Need an Advocate for Your Cause – Both parties in the midst of separation should have capable representation who will protect their respective interests with no emotional entanglements in the process of negotiation. A DIY (do-it-yourself) approach isn’t going to help in this situation at all.

• Communication is More Informed and a Two-Way Street – A divorce can eliminate intense emotions entering the picture if there are legal counsels sitting on both sides of the table. With two knowledgeable lawyers ironing out the details of ending a marriage, the smoother it will be.

• Paperwork Should be the Least of Your Concerns – There will be lots of documentation involved in this proceeding. Taking care of them personally could put you neck-deep in minor responsibilities and put a strain on things that are more important like your career and the deadlines that go with it.

• You Shouldn’t Fly Solo, Period – Realize that your spouse will have an attorney in his or her corner. You may be parting ways on good terms but having your own counsel as well can ensure the best separation for both parties possible. Being alone in court alone while your spouse has legal counsel is a disadvantage. 

A family lawyer in Baltimore
Protect your rights to your children and the properties you are entitled to have a share of by hiring an experienced family lawyer in Baltimore, MD. Keep yourself from being blindsided into a situation where you end up on the losing end of the deal. You can even request a fast divorce in Maryland. The state now has a Mutual Consent Divorce Law that does away with the required 12-month separation of a couple and allows them to file for a divorce immediately. For as long as you or your partner is a resident of Maryland, you can take this speedy course of action from

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